Holistic Healing

Holistic or “wholistic” healing means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances in life. Traditional approaches of indigenous cultures to holistic healing consider mind, body and spirit.

Holistic approach may use different forms of healing: from conventional to alternative therapies and techniques.

Methods used in holistic healing include:

  • Meditation

  • Various Cleansing Rituals
  • Herbal medicine consultation

  • Healing techniques from indigenous cultures including rituals and ceremonies

  • Physical and breathing exercise including yoga and reiki

  • Authentic body movement

and other various habits changing practices.

Holistic healing sessions are conducted in a safe and confidential environment within the privacy of a psychotherapeutic session.  First session is used to discuss the problem and choose appropriate healing technique.  Frequency of the healing sessions can vary from 3 to 12 sessions depending on the case and choice of the client.