Obsessive-compulsive disorders

Here are some fields of psychological counseling in my practice. These are: emotional dependence, depression, bereavement, burnout, self-esteem, relationship problems, separation or divorce, crisis, spiritual questioning, anxiety disorders, phobias, panic, personality disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Some of these terms may seem technical or cold, but these categories are useful because they provide information about the psychological work required, about choices of methods and approaches for the person, serve to communicate empathy and reduce the possibility of error – make work easier.

These lists of categories, symptoms, or situations could get longer. Perhaps the most important thing is awareness of discomfort, dissatisfaction and the decision to take care of it. The symptoms carry a meaning that is often difficult to explore when we are left to ourselves. With psychological support, they can be the starting point for an important psychological development and enlighten us on our path.